Better to be safe then sorry!


   Work Hazards are most important to know, to stay safe at work. You should be aware of everything around you. You will be better off learning the hazards before you get hurt. Being able to identify all the WHMIS symbols is important for your own safety. Learning how to prevent these injuries is your right to know. After hearing about real life experiences you are not going to want to start work without learning about what you are doing. 



If you would like to learn more about different safety hazards in different workplaces you can go to


As You Browse.......



    Safety Hazards are easily ignored, but later regretted. If you would like to learn about safety hazards you have come to the right place. As you browse throughout the site you will discover the different type of work hazards, real life experiences, and all you need to know about WHMIS to remain safe.



(The boxes in the aisle can be easily tripped over.)






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