Better to be safe then sorry!

Importance of Health and Safety in the Workplace


Health and safety is the most important thing while at work. Due to the lack of safety and knowledge people get hurt and even die. These incidents can be prevented. You can prevent accidents by making sure you know your WHMIS symbols when you are using chemicals to make you aware of the cautions that you should be taking. You may also want to consult the MSDS to make sure you are clear on the chemical that you are going to use. It may be hard to recognize some hazards but others are very clear. For example if you see something spilled on the floor you should clean it up. You may not have spilt it but it for others safety and yours you should. Never leave a safety hazard for later or ignore it because it may cost money. In the long run someone may get hurt which is probably going to cost you  more to pay the fine than have replaced that product. You have the right to know, the right to refuse and the right to ask. If you believe work that you are going to do is unsafe you should refuse of doing such work. It is your right to ask if your are unclear about something. It is also your right to get the correct training when starting a new job. It is always important to be safe. Like many say "it's always better to be safe then sorry."  


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