Better to be safe then sorry!

Real Life Experiences


Seans Story

Sean was 19 years old, he was pouring a chemical from a vat that didn’t have a label on it. Pouring the thing just from a big drum into a small can. No labels on it to indicate it was hazardous material. Static electricity, from a spark just by touching the drum, set off a huge explosion. Sean was engulfed in flames. Burns to 95% of his body. The worst burns case Wellesley Burns Unit said they had ever had. He managed to live for 24 hours.(story from


Marcos Story

This is what Marco had to say about his accident."I picked up something from the floor which we were told to do and pry it loose with our hands to try to pry out a piece of metal that was stuck in the press.  There was no guard on it ,  if there was a guard on it, it would have bounced off , but instead my arm slid right in about halfway through and the machine just collapsed on me. When I seen it coming down I pulled out my arm out as fast as possible but I couldn't save it. After that there was shock and panic and pandemonium everywhere. People not ready, didn't know what to do. Really scary. My life was over."(story from

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