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WHMIS is the short term for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. WHMIS has 4 componets; WHMIS calssification symbols, Warning Label, Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS), and Training.

WHMIS classification Symbols



The WHMIS classification help you recognize the symbols on dangerous chemicals, and what hazard they have.

Class A- Any material; normally gas which is placed under pressure.

Class B- Material can catch fire easily.

Class C- Oxygen is necessary for fire to occur.

Class D- Division 1- Cause serious and immediate toxic effects. Division 2- Poisonous Material but has a late effect. Division 3- Can cause disease in animal or people.

Class E- It can cause burn to eye, lung, or eye.

Class F- Can be dangerously reactive.

Warning Labels

                                                                                           Sample WHMIS Supplier Label

The supplier sheet helps you recognize what hazardous material is in the container, what the dangers are and how to use it safely.

Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS)


The MSDS will tell you about the materials hazards, how to use it safely, how to store it safely and what to do in an emergency.


In training you will learn how to read the WHMIS symbols, how to use and understand the labels and MSDS, how to use materials safely, and what to do in an emergency. When in training you should always ask questions because you have the right to know!

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