Better to be safe then sorry!

Work Hazards    

    All the hazards in workplaces are categorized into a category. The five different categories are Physical, Biological, Chemical, Erogonomic, and Psychosocial.

Physical Hazards

    Physical Hazards are hazards like unsafe machines, enviromental conditions, and just a hazard that can hurt your body physically. Physical hazards are the most common and easiest to spot. Despite the fact that they are so easy to spot they are overlooked. For example cords may be running across aisle but no one would find that as a hazard. Physical hazards are delayed too much saying "when we're not so busy" or when the company does not want to spend the money.


(This is a picture of a man making sure everything is safe to work with and there are no problems!)

Biological Hazards

 Biological hazards are normally produced by living things. This type of hazard normally comes from working with people or animals. A few work areas that may deal with this hazard are day cares, hotel laundry, laboratories, hospitals, and room cleaning. A few of the hazards may be blood, viruses, animal and bird droppings, and insect bites.


(Such hazards can be easily reduced by washing your hands and covering your mouth!)



Chemical Hazards

 Chemical hazards are things that are flammable, explosive or poisonous. Chemical hazards can be made by a worker being exposed to a chemical in any form(solid, liquid, or gas). Some workers are more sensitive then others. A few examples are cleaning products, pesticides, paints, and gasoline.



   (Even simple things like household clening supplies can be dangerous!)


Erogonomic Hazards

Ergonomic hazards are hazards which are made from poorly designed workplaces. These types of hazards are the hardest to spot.  Such hazards are caused by poor lighting, improperly adjusted workstations and chair, and a job that requires you to do the same thing over and over again.



These are hazards caused by stress and threats. A few stress factors are that you may have conflict with your manager/co-workers; you may have poor working conditions or have heavy work loads. You may also be threatened, harassed, or assaulted.


                                             (It may be hard to deal with stress)

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